The influence on Greek Mythology on us, today, is undeniable. Not only is all literature full of references to Greek myths an mythological characters, but references tp Greek Myths an constantly made (Pandora's box, Midas' touch, navigating the straits of Scylla and Charybdis, etc.) It definitely is an advantage to, at least, have a superficial knowledge of the subject.

The purpose of this librette is to acquaint the reader with basics of the Greek Mythology, in a few, brief sittings. Multiple illustrations are provided to give life to the words, and, moreover provide a "hook" by which the myths can be retained.

Ther are often-times differing versions of some of the myths, even between the experts in the field (Hamilton, Bullfinch, Rose, Graves, et .al. ) An attempt has been made to give the most common one.